Teynham War Memorial


Dedicated May 1920

Frederick Back Died: 16/09/17 London Regt 19th Bn. Age 21. Son Harry Back of 2 Frognal Lane. James Frederick Laker Died: 22/10/18 The Buffs 10th Bn
William Frank Back Died: 23/10/18 The Buffs 7th Bn William Henry Laker Died: 03/05/17 The Buffs 7th Bn
Arthur William Beesley Gun Powder Mill explosion 02/04/16 James Lucas Died: 05/09/15 The Buffs 3rd Bn Buried St Mary Teynham
Benjamin Dan Black Died: 08/12/18 Royal Navy. Son of William & Minnie of 2 Eastwood Cotts Age 22 William McGarry Died: 11/10/17 KRRC Age 38 of Station Row Teynham. Buried at Hooge Crater Cemetery Ypres
Ernest Black Died: 06/11/18 Age 27, Navy. Son of William & Minnie of 2 Eastwood Cotts Sidney Philpott Died: 24/09/18 Leicestershire Regt 1st Bn
Henry Thomas Carrier Died: 11/05/17 Household Bn. Husband of Alice of 18 Station Rd Remembered Arras Memorial William J Pile Died: 12/04/15 The Buffs 2nd Bn
Stephen Champ Died: 13/05/15 Royal Navy George Potts Died: 03/05/17, The Buffs 6th Bn
Frederick George Champ Died: 06/08/17 Age 34. Canadian Infantry 19th Bn. Joseph Henry Ray Died: 08/04/18, Royal Sussex Regt
Ernest Cheeseman Died: 28/03/18, RWKR 6th Bn Reuben Reader Died: 23/08/17, London Regt 18th Bn
Fergus William Christmas Died: 30/11/17, Middlesex Regt Ernest Ridley Died: 20/04/15 Age 28, The Buffs. Buried St. Mary Teynham. Son of George & Eleanor of 1 Station Rd.
John Dalton Died: 13/12/18 Age 20, West Yorks 9th Bn. Buried Etaples Military Cemetery Frank Russell Died: 08/10/17 Age 20, The Buffs 4th Bn.
Daniel Edward Easton Died: 30/06/17 Royal Navy HMS Cheerful Gerrard Prideaux-Selby Died: 26/09/16 Age 25, RAMC
Alfred Henry Feaver MM Died: 03/09/18 Hampshire Regt 1st Bn Henry Smith Died: 26/09/16 Age 25. Son of Henry of 4 Station Rd. Remembered on the Vimy Memorial
William Ford The Buffs George Thomas Swan Died: 07/10/17 Age 37, Royal Navy. Son of Benjamin & Eliza of Station Row
John Henry Gladwell Died: 14/10/17 Age 25, RWKR 7th Bn Cornelius William Taylor Munitions
Albert Edward Hadlow Died: 26/03/18 Age 19, Royal West Surrey Regt. Son of Terry & Ellen West End Green St. Percy Wildish Died: 20/09/17 Welsh Regt 9th Bn. Son of William & Sarah of Royal Cotts
George Abraham Hall Died: 02/05/15 The Buffs 2nd Bn Leonard Terry Died: 03/05/15 The Buffs 2nd Bn,
Charles Edward Higgins Died: 08/04/15 RE. Albert Tumber Died: 16/12/16 London Regt 19th Bn
William Henry Hodge 50th Bn Canadian Infantry Edward James Victor White Died: 05/09/18 London Regt 18th Bn. Son of Charles & Jane of Green st Teynham
Thomas Warwick Kite Died: 26/10/17 The Buffs 1st Bn Thomas Wigg Died: 27/03/18 Age 30, Royal Navy. Husband of Harriett The Laurels
Bertie Charles Downs Died:. 23/10/18 8th East Surrey Regt Edward G Luckhurst Died: 25/08/18 Royal Fusiliers
Thomas Baker Died: Alice Post Died: