Milton Regis Council Schools

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Above: A Group of boys doing their Exercises in 1903 at Milton Council Schools. This group of lads would be about ten in this photo. One wonders what fate awaited some of them. The above Memorial was placed in the school in the early 20's. The names are on my Roll of Honour so I won't list them here. I wrote to the school sometime ago enquiring if the memorial still existed. In time, I received a reply stating that the Memorial is no longer at the school. I also asked the school if they had any information on a George Glasspoll who appears on the memorial but nowhere else. They Kindly checked back into their records for me but with no success. I went to this school as a child and I don't remember ever seeing the memorial so it was moved before 1966. It certainly wasn't shown to us. What a great source of learning that memorial could have been for my generation and today's.

I had heard a rumour that there was a Memorial in Milton Library, but I checked this out and it's not there. Memorials like this one were put up by well meaning organisations and individules at home and in the areas of battle shortly after the war. However with time these memorial need maintaining and no funds were put aside for this purpose, and scores of memorials like this one ended up on a bonfire.

In 1920, Milton Urban Council arranged a party for the children who lost fathers in the war.. During the party each child received a commemorative mug.

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On the base of the mug, the following is inscribed:

Milton Regis Urban District Council
Walter R Elgar ESQ JP CC

These mugs were presented at a tea and entertainment on October 1st 1920
To the children of Milton Regis whose Fathers gave their lives in the service of their country during the Great War 1914-1918