Lynsted War Memorial


Leon L Ackerman: Age 32 The Buffs Died 01/07/16 Charles Hollands: Age 21 Royal Fusiliers Died 01/07/16
Charles P Booker: Age 34 South Wales Borderers Died 15/10/18 Frederick T Hollands The Buffs Died 15/09/17
Amos J Brown: Age 35 The Buffs Died 03/05/17 Arthur Hughes: Age 30 Hms Princess Irene Died 27/05/15
Frederick P Carlton: Age 19 The Buffs Died 19/06/15 Edward Jordan 7th Dragoon Guards Died 31/10/18
Henry T Carrier: House Hold Battalion Died 11/05/17 Herbert E Kadwill: Age 19 Royal West Kents Died 23/03/18
Robert S Clark: Age 19 Royal East Kent Yeomanry Died 05/01/18 Ernest C Kemp HMS Primula Died 01/03/16
Stanley M Cleaver: Age 21 Royal East Kent Yeomanry Died 03/05/17 George Lombardy: The Buffs Died 07/10/16
Malcolm P Dalton: Royal East Kent Yeomanry Died 09/11/15 William Henry Packham Royal Garrison Artillery Died 07/08/20
MacDonald Dixon: Age 31 Royal East Kent Yeomanry Died 03/05/17 Thomas Quaife Royal East Kent Yeomanry Died 02/11/17
William C Drayson: The Buffs Died 18/03/16 John L Sattin Canadian Expeditionary Force Died14/04/17
James French Queens Westminster Died 14/04/17 William A Sewell: Age 23 RFC Died 12/11/17
Reginald French Australian Imperial Forces Died 14/06/18 Elvy T Simms 5th Dragoon Guards Died 28/03/18
Herbert D Gambell: Age 20 Machine Gun Corps Died 21/03/18 Frederick P Smith Royal Fusiliers Died 10/10/16
Wilfred J Gambell: RAF Died 27/06/20 Alfred C Tolhurst The Buffs Died 19/12/14
William Gambrill House Hold Battalion Died 03/05/17 Sidney A Watts: Age 22 The Buffs Died 01/12/17
Reginald F Gilbert: RFA Died 10/11/17 Reginald D Weaver The Buffs Died 03/05/17
Frederick Godfrey The Buffs Died 21/11/15 Frederick W Wiles London Scottish Died 21/08/18
Albert E Hadlow: Age 19 Queens Royal West Surrey Died 26/03/18