Doddington & Newnham War Memorial


The Memorial Was build between the two Villages, with the name of each man facing the village he was from.


Leslie Jack Field 8th Royal Berks Regt Died 04/11/18 Age 23 Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery
Ernest Bolton Atkins Royal Navy Died 09/07/17 Age 21 Ivy Cottage Newnham Chatham Naval Memorial
Walter George Smith 1st The Buffs Died 25/12/14  
H Filmer 1st The Buffs Died 03/05/17 Age 30 Philosphe British Cemetery, France
Hubert Harold Hayesmore 7th The Buffs Died 01/07/16 Age 22 Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Somme France
Frank Knight 7th The Buffs Died 09/12/16 Age 20 Stuppington Cotts, Buried Etaples Military Cemetery
G Raines 2nd The Buffs Died 24/10/18 Parents Lived Ontario Canada Niederzwehren Cemetery Germany
W W R Sears 1st The Buffs Died 20/12/15 Age 28 Duhallow ADS Cemetery Ypres
W T Mann 7th RWKR Died 23/01/17 Age 18 Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extn
A E Piles 1st/7th Middx regt Died 28/03/18 Maroeuil British Cemetery
Henry Mercer Chapman 2nd Royal Munster Died 07/03/17 Age 25 Fouquescourt British Cemetery
F Butler MGC (INF) Died 05/05/18 Age 34 Niederzwehren Cemetery Germany
A E Slingsby 1st/19th London Regt Died 21/08/17 Remembered Menin Gate Memorial Ypres Belgium
George Tappenden Hills 29th Canadian Infantry Died 06/11/17 Age 26 Passchendaele New British Cemetery Belgium


Guy Christopher Ottley Oldfield Royal West Surrey's Died 05/09/14 Doddington Place. Remembered Nirobi British & Indian Memorial Kenya
Sidney Frances Kite Royal West Surrey's Died 07/01/15  
Wilfred Henry Caryer 6th The Buffs Died 06/03/16 Age 19 Yew Tree Cottage. Remembered Loos Memorial
J Davis The Buffs Died 12/08/18  
Percy Forster 6th The Buffs Died 13/10/15 Age 29 Chequers Hill. Remembered Loos Memorial
Harry Victor Higgins 6th The Buffs Died 13/10/15 Age 18 Chequers Hill. Remembered Loos Memorial
William Thomas Butcher 1st Border Regt Died 01/07/16 Chequers Hill. Remembered Thiepval Memorial
Frank Mills 1st RWKR Died 10/04/17 Age 33 Rosemount Wychling Buried Bois-Carre Cemetery France
Harry Philpott 11th RWKR Died 07/06/17 Age 19 Remembered Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres Belgium
Sidney James Pullen 11th KRRC Died 04/04/17 Remembered Thiepval Memorial
Leonard Charles Jarvis 17th Royal Dublin Fus Died 18/08/17 Age 19 Post Office Doddington Buried Dozinghem Military Cemetery Belgium

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One name not on the above Memorial, for whatever reason, is that of Walter Gambell.
Walter died in 1920 after years of bravely fighting the affects of gas. He is buried in Doddington Churchyard. His Gravestone reads :

In Memory of
4th Son of James & Eliza Gambell
Who Died Aug 25th 1920
Aged 28
Late The East Kent Regt
His long suffering was borne with cheerfulness to the end.

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