Bobbing War Memorial


Victor Vivian Russell Household Battalion Died: 10/10/17 Age 27 Son of James & Esther Husband of Nellie of 5 Crown Rd Milton Regis
Harry Austin Royal Field Artillery Died: 10/11/18 Age 29 Son of Richard & Emma of Key St.
Albert Thomas Packham Royal Field Artillery Died:  
Albert Henry Payne Royal Garrison Artillery Died: 02/11/16 Age 20 Son of Alfred & Lydia of California Bobbing
Edward Alfred Jeffrey Royal Engineers Died: 30/11/17 Cambrai Memorial
Alfred Edgar Trowell Royal Engineers Died: 09/10/17 Age 38 Son of Alfred & Ann Husband of Grace of 20 Park Rd
Douglas Harcourt Stevens The Buffs Died: 06/08/18 Age 19 Son of Edward & Fanny Uppertoes Bobbing
Edward Alfred Apps The Buffs Died:  
Barnard Gray 9th Bn Royal Fusiliers Died: 27/03/18 Pozieres Memorial
William Moore The Buffs Died:  
Lewis Edward Tucker The Buffs Died: 03/03/19 Tournai Communal Cemetery Belgium
George William Lambkin Northumberland Fusiliers Died:
Sidney Robert Cornford Lancashire Fusiliers Died: 25/08/18 Age 29 Son of Robert & Ann Husband of Nellie of Layfield house Bobbing
George William Johnson Royal West Kent Regiment Died: 22/07/16 Age 30 Husband of Ellen of Fens Farm Cotts Swanley Bottom
Percy James Kemsley Kings Royal Rifle Corps Died: 30/07/15 Age 21 Son of Mr & Mrs James Alfred Kemsley of Orchard Cotts Keycol Hill
Frank Trowell Machine Gun Corps (Inf) Died: 03/05/17 Arras Memorial
Albert Edward Broad Australian Pioneers Died: 27/06/17 Age 36 Son of George & Sarah Broad
Edgar Maurice Parker New Zealand Regiment Died: 09/10/16 Age 28 St Sever Cemetery France