Stephen William Luckett

Died 19th April 1918

Age 39

Son of Stephen and Ellen of 108 park rd and Husband of Fanny of 4 Lancaster rd Canterbury

Buried Hedauville Communal Cemetery Extension Somme France

W G Lucia

Died 31st May 1916

Age 41

Late in the afternoon of the 31st of May 1916 Admiral beatty, in command of 12 Battle cruisers engaged the German Battle crusier squadron off Jutland. Soon the whole of the German high seas fleet had arrived and soon to join the fray was Admiral Jellicoe with reinforcements, Before that however the German guns concentrated their fire power on HMS Queen Mary, HMS Indefatigable & HMS Invincible. The Queen Mary broke and sank under the heavy onslaught.

Son of Arthur Lucia of 70 High St Milton, Husband to W.M Lucia of 12 Balfour Rd North End Portsmouth

Remembered on the Portsmouth Memorial