Bertie John Knight

Died 30th October 1918

Age 24

The son of Mr & Mrs H Knight of 55 Shakespeare rd, Bertie was one of the local lads who joined the Howitzer Brigade at Sittingbourne in the early part of 1915. Bertie went to France in March 1916 and the Battery was attached to the Royal Naval Division. He saw action on the Ancre, Arras and Vimy Ridge. He was wounded by shrapnel at Passchendaele during fighting there in October 1917. He was again wounded in March 1918 during the March offensive. On the 29th of September whilst in action at his Gun Bertie was critically wounded when the Gun he was working exploded in fact so great were his injuries that Bertie lost both his legs. Bertie was visited in hospital by his brother C.S.M Knight of the Buffs. Unfortunatly septic poisoning set in and on October 30th Bertie died. His mother had travelled to France to be with her son and was with him when he died. Before the war Bertie worked for Smeed & Dean.

Bertie is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery