Alfred Edgar Trowell

Died 9th October 1917

Age 38

Son of Alfred & Annie of Church Farm Bobbing and Husband to Grace of 20 Park Rd

Remembered at Tyne Cot Belgium

Horace Benjamin Tucker

Died 6th June 1915

Remembered on the Chatham Naval Memorial

Lewis Edward Tucker

Died 3rd March 1919

Buried Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension Belgium

Benjamin Tyler

Died 23rd March 1918

Benjamin had already been gassed and had previously suffered from shell shock,when on the 21st of March 1918 he was hit is the stomach by a machine gun bullet, he died of his wound 2 days later. Before he joined up the was a mate on the Barge "Russell" of Smeed Dean Ltd .Before he died he relayed a message to the chaplain to pass on to his Mother at home in Grafton road, he said " Give my very best love to my parents and family , and to all in Sittingbourne who know me". He was 21 years old and is buried at Mont Huon Military Cemetery ,Le Treport, Seine-Maritime, France.

Gordon Herbert Tyler

Died 16th June 1917

Buried Tincourt British Cemetery France