William A Gates

Died 17th July 1916

Age 24

Son of William and Annie

Buried at Amara War Cemetery Iraq

Frederick Ernest Gee

Died 13 November 1916

Age 21

Son of John and Jane of 53 Cowper Road Sittingbourne Fred was born in Rochester, Chatham on 21/04/1895. Up until his enlistment Fred was a labourer in a paper mill. He enlisted on 14/10/1912 at the age of 17. At the time he signed up the minimum period of enlistment was 12 years, on top of which Fred would have had to serve a extra 189 days as he was
under age at the time of enlistment. Fred did his basic training in Deal then transferred to the Chatham Division
were he stayed until 17/03/1914. On 18/03/1914 he embarked for sea duty onboard the St. George.

An extract of the War Diary for the 13th November when Fred was Killed

The attack commenced on the opening of our barrage at 5.45am when the Battalion. advanced in four waves, one platoon of each company in a wave. There was a very thick mist. Every Company Commander was killed before crossing German Front Line. Enemy trenches were practically obliterated by our artillery. No Mans Land and ground between various German lines, as far as slope down to station Road was pitted with shell holes, deep & very muddy. Ground crossed by this Battalion was particularly muddy which made advance difficult. Within a minute of our barrage starting, the enemy replied with an artillery barrage on support lines and No Mans land, where they also opened with heavy MG fire. It is estimated that at least 50% of casualties occurred between No Mans Land and the  German 1st Line. Between 2nd & 3rd Line, ground was swept with MG fire. Here also were heavy casualties. Isolated parties of this Battalion. followed the barrage as far as YELLOW LINE & got in touch with HAC on right. They were not however sufficiently strong to close gap between HAC and  the Battalion on the left. Remnant of this Battalion held dotted BLUE LINE during night 13/14th, in partially constructed trench west of Station Rd. Touch was maintained during night with 4th Gordon Highlanders on left.

Buried at Ancre British Cemetery Beaumont-Hamel

John Thomas George MM

Died 25 March 1918

Age 25

Son of Stephen and Harriett of 2 North Street Milton Regis Husband of Ethel of 5 Cross Lane Milton Regis

Augustus Goatham

Died 15th March 1917

Age 36

Son of Joseph and Eliza of Dean's Hill Farm Bredgar

Remembered on the Chatham Naval Memorial