William Edward Rodger Drake

Died 4th June 1915

Age 32

Son  of james and Sarah of 10 Frederick St.

Buried at Redoubt Cemetery Turkey

Frederick William Drury

Died 8th August 1918

Remembered at Vis-en-Artois Memorial France

George Arthur Dungey

died 18th March 1916

Age 23

son of Thomas & Mary Dungey of 106 William St

Shot by a German sniper and buried in the trench where he fell in Flanders,

Remembered on the Loos Memorial France

John Thomas Dungey

Died 7th October 1914

Age 41

son of Thomas & Mary Dungey of 106 William St

John who lived in Chatham was killed at Antwerp in 1914, his wife died shortly after this and made a total of eight children orphans.


Walter Harold Dunk

Died 4th October 1917

Age 20

Son of Mrs Jessie Dunk of 224 Park Road

Remembered at Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium

William Archibald Dutnall

Died 16th April 1918

Age 20

Son of Fred and Clara of Swanton street William was killed in action during an attack he was hit whilst advancing under heavy mahine gun fire.

Remembered at Tyne Cot Memorial Belgium

Edgar J Dutnall

Died 29th May 1917

Age 22

Born in Milton Edgar attended Milton Council School, He is the brother of William, two other brothers Lawrence and Ernest returned home. Edgar died with three comrades during enemy shelling.

Buried at Loker Churchyard Heuvelland Belgium