Oliver Coleman

Died 9th April 1917

Age 20

Son of Thomas & Clara Jane Coleman of 3 Charlotte St
Remembered on the Arras Memorial

Samuel H Coombes

Died 22nd December 1917

Buried Jerusalem War Cemetery Israel


Sydney Robert Cornford

Died 25th August 1918

Age 29

Son of Robert & Ann Husband of Ada Cornford of Layfield House Bobbing
Buried at Warlencourt British Cemetery France

Edward Eno Coupland

Died 5th February 1917

Age 36

Son of Edward & cloe and Buried at Grove Town Cemetery France

Sidney Couchman

Died 16th March 1915

Age 22

Son of George and Caroline of 43 Burley Road

Buried at Estaires Communal Cemetery France

Frank Couchman

Died 20th September 1916

Age 21

Brother of Sidney, he is buried at Auchonvillers Military Cemetery France

Robert Couchman

Died 29th July 1916

Age 39

Son of Robert & Rose Couchman of 20 Harold Rd Sittingbourne
Remembered on the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial France 

William John Couchman

Died 26th February 1919

Buried at Sittingbourne Cemetery