The Salient was and still is in my opinion, a grim place. The land is flat and featureless, Depressingly so. However having said that it is also full of history and all the infamous places you have probably heard of are within a ten minute drive of each other. And the people who inhabit this land are the finest you will ever meet ( as tommy said " worth fighting for").

An advert here....If you are on a budget and want to spend so time in the Ypes Salient, then "The Shell Hole" is the place to stay.. For around 20 per person you can get a decent nights kip and a hearty English breakfast in the morrow. As the advert says: " You won't find a better ole".

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Essex Farm. An Advanced dressing station. God knows what trauma has been played out in this place.

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The Trenches! at HILL 62... or are they? How authentic these trenches are I leave the individual to decide, I was not convinced.

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The Block House at Tyne Cot

Tyne Cott Cemetery

The Salient is full of places to visit, you can base yourself in Ypres and everything you will want to see is within 15 minutes drive. Passendaele, Kemmel , Tyne Cot, Hill 60 etc...Opposite the Cloth Hall is a restaurant called Vivaldi.... they make the greatest Flemish stew..

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

Easy Company

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Easy Company at Hill 60 !

Left to Right - As if you cared..!
Ian, Me, Chris, (just about to desert behind him - Tom),
Jon (looking for snipers) & finally Steve(windy) the Bosche!