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The Western Front Association
As a proud member, I can only say if this subject interests you....Join!

Friends of War Memorials
Please support!

Memorial Sites

Calderdale War Memorials
Memorial Site. Worth a look.

Abberton & Langenhoe
Memorial Site. Very interesting.

War Memorials of Warwickshire
A lot of work has gone into this site

Tombstones & Monumental Inscriptions
Looking for a Memorial ? Start here.


Man Of Kent
Kyle Tallett's site is full of articals and stories that will grip you. When I first found it, it was like a book I couldn't put down. I would also like to say here that Kyle's generous help in the early stages of my own site were greatly appreciated.

The Diggers
I am great admirer of these guys

The Old Front Line
Paul Reed's superb new site, Paul is an author and historian of the first order

Sheppey Papers!
The Island of Sheppey's history, uncovered by Colin Penney

Jack Clegg
An account of one man's war, and in depth research of the RND 

Old Contemptible's
Yet another well researched site with plenty of interesting articles.

An Unfortunate Region
AWebsite about the Great War - Battlefields and individuals... A very original site.

Tom Morgan's Hell Fire Corner
A great site to start from.

Are We Related ?

McGarry Family Tree  


The First World War and the Soldiers Forum 14-18
German site with some English translations. A great Site for those interested in the War from a German perspective

Flight Observer, German site 

  German Airmen


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